Dr. W. Travis McMaken and Rev. Dr. Nichole Torbitzky (both of the Lindenwood University Philosophy & Religion program) discuss Colin Gunton's book on Karl Barth and Charles Hartshorne - "Becoming and Being" - in an effort to help Barthian and Process theologians understand each other better. This is part 3 of a multi-part series.

Lindenwood University Philosophy & Religion department: https://www.lindenwood.edu/academics/academic-schools/school-of-humanities/philosophy-and-religion/

McMaken's Twitter: https://twitter.com/WTravisMcMaken

Torbitzky's Twitter: https://twitter.com/ntorbitzky

Torbitzky's LU profile: http://www.lindenwood.edu/about/directories/faculty-staff-directory/details/ntorbitzky/

McMaken's LU profile: http://www.lindenwood.edu/about/directories/faculty-staff-directory/details/wtmcmaken/

Gunton's book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Becoming-Being-Hartshorne-Theological-Monographs/dp/0198267134/

We couldn't find a live link to the John Cobb book that Torbitzky mentioned at the end of the video, so here's another (also by Cobb) that's a good beginning resource: https://www.amazon.com/Process-Theology-Introductory-John-Cobb/dp/0664247431/

Also, there's this video of a lecture by Cobb: https://youtu.be/Zo5b2Pi8piQ

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